Full Value for Your Ad Dollars

With all the choices available to spend advertising dollars, it can be a full-time job just reviewing the options and costs with publishers. We’ll take over that job for you, designing a unique campaign to fit your needs, goals, and budgets.


Complete Media Integrationgears

A Sept. 2010 study by Outsell, Inc. showed that combining multiple media in marketing, such as using print, web, and mobile, is more effective than using any one type on its own. To help you create the most effective marketing campaign possible – a multimedia campaign – we represent all major media, including print, email, digital, web, search, social, and mobile. We determine which medium your target audience responds to best, and  create a unique strategy which will provide a full ROI.


Complete ROI

To get the most out of your investment, you need to monitor your marketing campaigns – which means that when the ad hits, our job isjust beginning. We’ll track the calls from your print ads, and monitor the analytics on your email blasts. We manage all the moving parts of your campaign, from content creation to ad delivery, from email blasts to web analytics. Top Agent Marketing also makes it easy for your staff to easily access our web-based system, anytime, anywhere.


Put Your Marketing on Autopilot!automailrobot

Our easy-to-use E-Marketing Automation allows you to put your marketing on autopilot. You can generate a steady stream of leads by creating elegant, multi-step campaigns to incorporate into emails and offline media, including letters, postcards, faxes, and voice messages. E-Marketing Automation automatically converts leads into educated, motivated buyers, and converts customers into repeat buyers. It’s like having a dedicated, round-the-clock sales team, working solely for you.


Our Process: Brand Identity and Multi-sensory Marketing

Often, marketing seems to follow a “fire, ready, aim” pattern. Just a little more thought at the beginning of your campaign can make all the difference in its success. We ensure not only that you are offering the right features, advantages, and benefits for your products, but also that your brand identity is well thought out.

Our staff is populated with former personal producing reps. Using industry surveys and key data, they will analyze your offer objectively, ensuring that your message matches with what your target audience says they want in a carrier, FMO relationship, or product offer. Then, a professional copywriter and graphic artist will design your campaign, creating copy and art that presents your firm in the best possible light while maintaining a consistent brand.


Are You Reaching the Right Audience?

If you want an annuity producer, why are you wasting your efforts on a broad list? We help you determine your ideal market, by product type and geographic location, and make sure that your marketing efforts are highly targeted – increasing your ROI exponentially. You’ll never buy leads again.


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